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About FLBU Production - Mixed Fighting Video Company - fightinflex.com - tozani.fr

FLBu Production is the french action movies production company me and Kayla own. I produced many mixed fighting action and POV movies during the years. First tozani.net, then fightinflex.com, and now tozani.fr in coproduction with Kayla. Our collaboration will truly begin at the start of 2022, when we’ll make our first shooting together as partners.

With her strong will and amazing abilities, we are dedicated to make the best videos possible for you – and us – to enjoy. Meanwhile, I’ll post our latest movies made with fightinflex.com, some are really good ! Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comment about the content of our videos, a question, or if you’d like a specific request πŸ˜ƒ

Anyway, hope you like the vids.
Antoine & Kayla


This is where FLBU Production started its activity. I decided to create my own movies after working for girls-fighting.net where I met Leslie. The beginnings of tozani.net. She had the full package : talent, confidence, beauty and power. In other words, Leslie quickly became a true legend in this industry !

Above all, she was very skilled in karate and therefore, we made few amazing movies together such as β€œDon’t mess with the Babysitterβ€œ, β€œGimme a Good Storyβ€œ, β€œHarrassment I & IIβ€œ, β€œThe Leslie Showβ€œ, β€œHeroes Challengeβ€œ, β€œMeet your Idol I &- II” (my personal favorite with β€œLady and the Trampβ€œ), β€œThe Exorcist I & II” etc…

Some of the best intergender fighting movies you will see on internet you can trust me on that !

Years went by and I was really starting to regret that I stopped FLBU Production and making woman vs man movies. Back then my videos were a hit and I didn’t have to do much for sales. However, beginnings of fightinflex.com were laborious in comparison with tozani.net. They were intended to be sold as small short films in streaming, with regular new releases. For instance, to add content we shot fitness movies, POV videos, BOB trainings and even yoga relaxation !

I quickly understood my mistake, but at least you know why the first films are so short and with a bit less action in them. Some are still pretty good, like β€œDomestic Violenceβ€œ, β€œKitty Plays with her Preyβ€œ, β€œSassy Schoolgirl Lindsay” or even β€œEnraged Poem” of which I am very proud.
It was in this movie where I really understood who Kayla really was.

In addition to being a real atomic bomb, she is passionate and can exercise her talents as a stuntwoman freely. You have seen in the β€œKayla Peel” series and especially in β€œThe Necklace Conflictβ€œ, the best films of all my achievements to my liking, alongside “Double Trouble“, featuring our kicking machine Alicia.

So, why tozani.fr and no more fightinflex.com ? For different reasons really. First, I loved the name. I was unable to get back my old address (.net) but hey, that’s the way it is. Second, I needed a change to officialize my partnership with Kayla, and the improved way of filming and editing we set in place. But things will continue the way I did for fightinflex : 10-20mins movies, lots of action, and always some funny or dramatic scenarios. We’ll include few POV action in our movies, but the format will disappear (excepted for customs), for different reasons.


I tried several type of films during these years, but I always get back to what I do best : Action Movies. Fitness videos were a mistake (I have lot of worthless footage, you can find way better stuff online for free !), french girls are not very good at making POV videos, and 5 mins videos are not that appealing for you it seems. We’ll focus now on 10-20mins Action Films, and Real Fighting Videos that are more easy to make. We’ll try to include more POV scenes in our movies as I said, but we won’t make the format anymore. You can find our videos both on the website and on our Clips4Sale Stores : Action Movies & POV / Real Fighting Videos

Action Movies

We make exciting mixed fighting movies, often considered as the best you can watch in this business (not my words). We constantly try to improve our choregraphies and editing style, but keep one thing in sight : showing a decent amount of fighting scenes in our scripts.

Real Fighting Videos

Real Fighting videos are much more easy to make and to edit, but we will add sound effects now for next updates for more intensity, excepted for KBK ones where we’ll just let the action flowing unedited. It may seem less impressive than action movies, but I can tell you that we definitely can feel the impacts with the helmet on !

POV Fighting Videos

I’m really happy with the rendering of these videos. It’s quite impressive watching these girls hitting a wide angle camera for real. But it was a bit painful for them and they were not very good at trashtalking. Excepted for Mina who can insult you all day long with ease !


We offer custom videos services. I wouldn’t be able to make our movies without custom orders. Our videos are very expensive to make, and customs allow us to finance our shootings. Kayla Peel series, our latest movies “Double Trouble” and Spicy Karate Dish” were orders we really liked to produce. But the covid situation made things very difficult for us and I couldn’t honor the previous orders on time.

We decided to limit the amount of customs, and take orders only when a shooting will take place for sure.

Please fill the form below the testimonials if you’re interested.


Antoine. Dude. That was amazing. Wow wow. And storyline is great, emotion of kicks and punches. Flow of the movie. Wow. I love it. Thanks again for putting this together. I know with everything that was going on and re-editing. But it turned out incredible. Wow top notch. Thank you for all your hard work into this.

Mike H. – Double Trouble Part I & II

“I am really pleased to see my script being realized very close to what I wrote. You got it and you made Kayla understanding it. I am surprised how long this first chapter went as my story was done after half of the playing time. The epic beating makes it happen. It is a story very well developed and interpreted as I hoped you will do. Chapter 3 was exactly done as scripted, with all details and aspects of story development. Kayla was looking extreme hot in that sports dress and she was so physical, outstanding her looks when she expected him attacking from behind.

Even more surprising the second part. Kayla was like Diana Rigg when she played Emma Peel. She was playing with the guys, challenging them, provoking them, beating them, killing them. This part was much better than expected, so you really made some piece of artwork here. Memorial. The table dance fight, wow. This was near a circus number. It instantly remembered me on the famous Bambi & Klopfer scene from “Diamonds are forever”.

Also the dress in both clips perfectly matched. Thank you very much for being close to my scripts and also paying so much time and lovely attention to details, like outfits, combat style and reproduction of scene quotes, like the Elektra scene (Lara Daans Karate) or the Lethal Woman scene (Merete van Kamp kicking), I highly appreciate these fine and subtile references to my script.”

Steve G. – Kayla Peel Series


Available for January & May 2022