All girls on FightinFlex / Tozani’s movies

  • Julie

    Julie (2)

    Age 29 / 1m53 (5'0") / Karate black-belt Julie is our tiny fighter. Fierce and dynamic, the little mouse likes to take on big guys for breakfast !
  • Alicia

    Alicia (9)

    Age 27 / 1m65 (5'5") / Karate black-belt (high-class level - French Junior Champion) Alicia is legendary in the mixed fighting business. Cute, sexy, and amazing kicking abilities made her one of the best fighter of all-time. French Junior Champion of Karate, black-belt level, she's as beautiful as she's dangerous. Beware of the kicking machine !
  • Kayla

    Kayla (43)

    Age 22 / 1m63 (5'4") / Stunt Professional (high-class level) Energetic, sexy, powerful : Kayla has the full package. Stunt professional, she's improving her abilities in a stunt formation since 2 years. Her acting abilities allows her to perform in any kind of role with great composure. Don't EVER say women are weak in front of her, she would prove…
  • Mina

    Mina (2)

    Age 26 / 1m62 (5'3") / Multi-sports girl Mina is a sportive and energetic blonde beauty. Don't mess with her, or you'll get into a lot of troubles !
  • Marie

    Marie (9)

    Age 29 / 1m60 (5'3") / Fitness Professional Marie is an amazing talented actress and fitness professional. She had few experiences with mixed wrestling videos and always make guys crazy about her. She knows how to handle boys to obtain what she wants, when she wants. Expert in psychological behaviours, she can penetrate your mind and never let you rest…
  • Lindsay

    Lindsay (10)

    Age 30 / 1m65 (5'5") / Soccer, Karate (low-class level) Lindsay is the typical straight-forward woman. You know what she thinks about you and won't hesitate to say what she has in mind. Soccer player and a little experience in karate allows her to punish men when they're not obedients !
  • Elyah

    Elyah (10)

    Age 24 / 1m60 (5'3") / Model Elyah is pretty and sweet. But she can turn into a bad girl when she has to. Beware, or you could be surprised !
  • Priscilia

    Priscilia (1)

    Age 22 / 1m56 (5'14") / Fitness Professional, Strip Performer Priscilia has a body to die for. Buff, strong, intimidating : this experienced strip performer and fitness champion will not you leave indifferent. A dreamgirl for FBB lovers !
  • Leslie

    Leslie (15)

    Age 24 / 1m70 (5'7") / Karate (+15 years, top-class level, french junior champion) Leslie has been the absolute star of tozani movies these past years. Experienced karategirl with full contact abilities, strong will and confidence. She has already fought against boys in real life, and guess who got beaten and humiliated everytime ?
  • Mandy

    Mandy (12)

    Age 21 / 1m61 (5'3") / Karaté (8 years, high-class level) Petite blonde girl with high class martial arts abilities, Mandy could perform high kicks all day long. A truly good girl, always looking to make justice and treat bad guys as they should be !
  • Morgane

    Morgane (11)

    Age 22 / 1m62 (5'4") / Model Black princess Morgane is not really easy to handle. Caracterial and capricious, this exquisite bombshell model knows what she's worth. If she loves you, she'll make you the most luckiest man on earth. I she doesn't, well... you'd better run for your life !
  • Cynthia

    Cynthia (4)

    Age 24 / 1m75 (5'9") / Aïkido (low-level) Profile : Elektra Cynthia is tall, and despite having a too small experience in martial arts to be considered as an expert, she can easily take on guys who show no respect. She has been our first action girl on tozani and will be remembered as a great asset to our movies.
  • Claire

    Claire (1)

    Age 21 / 1m62 (5'4") Boxing and Karaté (low-level) She's only in one movie, the very first on, but she's a real tornado. Incredibly cute and fierce young girl, this dynamic kitty could tear you apart. To handle with extreme caution !