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Today Alicia is challenging Mark for a little kick-boxing session. Mark is concerned : he doesn’t want to hurt her. But did he know Alicia was a former european karate champion ? Did he know she was throwing kicks like a machinegun ? Did he know how hard the impact sounds with that lightning speed ? Apparently, no, he did not !

Fantastic Alicia returns for a beatdown Mark will remember… in his wildest dreams he asks for more, aroused he has been by her kicks. Who wouldn’t like to be kicked by such a technical kicking goddess, dressed in a tight leopard suit ?

Total duration : 10’04


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6 reviews for Alicia vs Mark – Fight 1

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  1. Kevin27100

    Pour ma part Kayla et Alicia sont les meilleurs et forcément j ai toujours eu un coup de coeur avec Leslie de tozani super travail

    • Antoine – Tozani Team

      Oui Leslie nous manque beaucoup aussi. Je ne vais pas lâcher Kayla et Alicia de sitôt !

  2. anonymys

    Alicia is the only real skilled fighter with a black belt. Others girls are just a waist and disaster to look at (In term of skill i speak). If you want people pay for the clips, be sure to select girl with real black belt

    • Antoine – Tozani Team

      Is Kayla a disaster to look at as well ? I strongly disagree… but thanks for your honest review !

  3. Anonymous

  4. B

    Alicia is my favourite fighter. Again a great clip with her. Her kicking skills are amazing. The outfit is great and her attitude also. Hope we can see more great clips of Alicia.

    • Antoine – Tozani Team

      It was actually our very first clip shot with her. We will make more movies together, don’t worry !

  5. Anonymous

    I want to know the real name of Alicia please.

    • Antoine – Tozani Team

      Sorry, not possible I’m afraid 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    The girl is very hot and she also got the skills, hope to see more of her in the future!

    • Antoine – Tozani Team

      You will 🙂 Thnaks for your review^^

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