Join tozani-stores and get your own website for free !

Due to Clip4Sale regulations, a lot of producers cannot post their creations on C4S.

Designed for porn websites and to fight against snuff movies, these regulations prevent you from posting staged action such as killing scenes, or even K-O’s. This is completely uncompatible with our businesses. How are we supposed to end our fight without bad guys being K-O’d by beautiful girls ?

I decided to offer a service for you producers who want to own their own website.

Want your own website ? Please contact us ! Easy setup, no charges !

>> All charges are paid by FLBU Production, such as website hosting, disk space, website theme or plugins.
Payments are collected by FLBU Production, and 60% of your sales transferred to your bank account at the 10 of each month.

>> You won’t have to deal with legal stuff, VAT, nor anything. All you have to do is to create your products (very easy setup) with pics and gifs, and linked them to a video file stored on our personal private Mediafire account (or any other filehoster service if you already have an account)

>> You will have access to your sales stats, product creation and everything you need directly on the website via your admin, no need for complicated file products creation.

You can see an example of our work on and, both sites designed by us.
You’ll get a very fast support too.

>> Requirements :

You have to make at least 12 new products/year and 1.000€/year of sales
Only mixed fighting or femfighting related videos !!

Just send us a mail via the contact form, and few samples of your videos (or a link to your C4S store).
It takes 2 weeks to 1 month to design and setup a website, so don’t be to hasty, especially when we’re on shooting 🙂

See you soon 🙂
FLBU Production