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Dr. Markenstein is ecstatic : his creature is all set. He took a long time to create it, shape it, perfect it. Tina, besides being extremely powerful, is a fatal beauty. But what happens when his creation slips from his hands and begins to think for itself ? Will Dr. Markenstein survive this confrontation ?

Very cool action movie, with a lot of visual effects and a sexier than ever Tina, in a less dynamic and slower action than usual. The agony of Dr Markenstein will be terrible !


Total duration : 14’21


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  1. Flex123

    Best video to date in my opinion, more fembot clips the better, but please include more groin strikes in videos .

  2. Greg0r

    Based on the title alone I was curious how this film would turn out. I loved everything about it. The cinematography is near impeccable, with very good framing of the shots, making the most of the widescreen format. There is great tonal consistency, with every aspect contributing to the whole. Mark’s acting is appropriately hysterical and over the top, whereas Tina really nails the cold, emotionless part, precise and deliberate in her movements, making great use of her eyes to subtly imply that something twisted lurks behind her robotic demeanor. Everything just came together near perfectly here in my opinion, making for a truly entertaining and memorable gem.

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